Laura Leonard

High School Tennis Coach

PCA Trainers

Sports: Soccer, Cross Country, Tennis 

Laura grew up in Cincinnati surrounded by sports, both as a player and as a spectator. She played tennis in high school and in college at Tufts University and spent those summers coaching tennis as well. After her undergraduate career, she remained at Tufts to pursue her Masters in Teaching while also serving as the Assistant Coach for the women’s tennis team. Laura was motivated to enter the teaching and coaching field because of her former teachers and coaches who made a great impact on her life. Currently, Laura works in Denver Public Schools in a hybrid position as a teacher and a teacher-coach. She coaches teachers to create an optimal environment to support all students so that they can thrive. And, she brings this experience into her sports coaching. When not teaching and coaching, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband and son as well as staying active in the Colorado outdoors.