David Bartoshuk

President, SAGA Foundation

National Leadership Council

David is the president of SAGA Foundation, a SF Bay Area organization that works with non-profits to achieve lasting positive impact. SAGA’s mission is to help the underserved, foster leadership and support our nation’s security while promoting peaceful solutions to global problems.

David has not always been in the non-profit world as his roots are in real estate. Originally born in Michigan, he moved to California in 1976 where he began working in real estate during the day and attending school at night. After receiving a marketing degree from Cal State University Hayward, he went on to get his real estate broker’s license. In 1999 he began providing specialty client services in the area of estate management and 1031 real estate exchanges while founding Summit Asset Management Inc.

Outside of business, David was involved in a variety of youth sports including soccer, hockey and golf. Today he and wife, Barb, live in Redwood City where they raised their two children. Megan is a doctoral student at UNC and Nate is an undergraduate student at Pepperdine. To ensure that things never get too quiet around the house they have Tucker, their dog, to keep them company.