Carmyn Samuel

PCA Trainers

Coach Carmyn J.E. Samuel started her journey with PCA in 2017 as a trainer.

She has fulfilled a wide, yet complimentary, range of professional experiences as a classroom teacher, leader, professional development trainer, auxiliary programming director and youth sports organization director, and high school coach. Her passion is providing support, directly or indirectly, to help kids thrive now and in the future.

Coach Carmyn is mission-focused and has repeated success in helping organizations grow by steadfastly engaging with an organization’s goals, committing to the stamina necessary for clear and effective communication, examining data to create plans of action, using engagement strategies effectively, and applying leadership skills that positively reinforce and encourage accountability. 

Growing up she was a multi-sport athlete, running track and a high school state champion in basketball, and is still a lifelong martial artist. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Secondary Education and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. 

In her personal time, she can be found coaching with her husband, watching their three children grow as student-athletes, or participating in more leisurely things like playing board games, gardening, hiking, or biking.