PCA Coach of the Year

Is your coach PCA’s next Coach of the Year?

There are so many coaches who have positively impacted the kids they mentor, and Positive Coaching Alliance wants to honor these amazing individuals.

  • The coach teaches life skills through sports.
  • They encourage athletes to focus on their effort and not be afraid of making mistakes, because that is how you improve.
  • They support athletes by focusing on positive reinforcement instead of motivating through fear, intimidation, or shame.
  • They promote behaving respectfully, as the best version of oneself, towards the rules of competition, officials, opponents, and teammates.
  • They create an environment of belonging with focus on equity and inclusion.
  • They work to advocate for access for all kids to play by helping to remove barriers such as cost and equipment.
  • They display empathy and compassion in their approach to coaching.

Simply put, we call a coach with these qualities a Double-Goal Coach®- coaching to win while also pursuing the more important goal of teaching life skills through sports.

Nominate Your Coach for 2024


The PCA 2024 Coach of the Year has been named!

Thanks again to all of you who nominated a coach for their time and commitment to youth athletes across the US! If your coach was not named a Regional Winner this year, we encourage you to nominate them again next year. You can sign up here for a reminder to nominate your coach when the 2025 opportunity opens in summer 2024.

Watch these fantastic videos to find out more about our previous coaches of the year!

2023 PCA Coach of the Year, Theresa Sherry

2022 PCA Co-Coach of the Year, Breasha Pruitt

2022 PCA Co-Coach of the Year, Shawn Granberry

2021 PCA Coach of the Year, Charles Adams III