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When Youth Sports Return...Will You Be Ready?


As enduring as the COVID-19 pause has been to the lives of young athletes, return to play is a certainty— it’s just a matter of when and how. While we will return to youth sports when it’s safe, we must be aware of the fact that young people who might be returning to athletics have gone through the trauma of being away from school, friends, and their way of life.

PCA has been training coaches on how to provide a positive, character-building youth sports environment for over 20 years. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis we have seamlessly moved our in-person workshops online via Zoom, have provided tips for coaching during covid, and are offering free and discounted online courses. Our zoom sessions offer the same interactive, collaborative experience we have been recognized for by all of our partners and community members. These zoom workshops include our most experienced trainers, interactive activities, brainstorming sessions, and even have adapted to include virtual breakout rooms. All of our online resources and tools offer a way to make sure that when sports reopen, they are done right.

PCA offers six online courses - all expert-developed and designed to help coaches, parents, athletes and officials ensure that winning happens both on and off the field in youth sports. Whether you simply want to improve your youth sports experience, or whether your school/organization has directed you to these courses, they will benefit you and the youth you serve!

Courses are self-paced and include instructional modules and opportunities for interactivity and reflection. They also feature easy-to-use tools and tips to help you put positive coaching practices to work right away!

Beyond that preparation, there are going to be new rules, health standards, and restrictions that will be put in place with player safety at the center of all decisions. We recommend visiting the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Coronavirus Updates, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as The Aspen Institutes’ Project Play. Project Play has pulled together a helpful overview of resources by sport and respective organization.