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Volleyball Legends Kerri Walsh-Jennings And Casey Jennings On Sports Parenting


PCA-Los Angeles’ Positive Sports Parent Series with Kerri Walsh-Jennings and Casey Jennings was a discussion about the state of youth sports today. Raising three young children, Kerri and Casey gave the audience their unique perspective on managing their time, energy and efforts regarding their kids’ participation in sports.

To hear directly from two of the most accomplished athletes in Beach Volleyball really resonated with the diverse audience. Topics covered the car ride home, Club vs Rec, not playing sports at all and the generational changes facing parent whose kids do things completely different than they did.

Parents then went through a PCA Second-Goal Parent Workshop delivered by Ruben Nieves, Director of Training for PCA and a National Champion Volleyball Coach from Stanford. Parents learned their role in youth sports is not winning but focusing their kids on learning life lessons through sports.

Thank you to the Bay Club who sponsors the Series through EcoMedia CBS and to Children’s Hospital-LA for providing a health perspective from Dr. Bianca Edison, PCA-LA Board Member during the panel discussion.

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The next Positive Sports Parent Series features Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm on coaching their kids and their neighbors kids. April 12th 6:30pm @El Camp.

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