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The Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast: Sports Participation in Decline?


Last month, PCA-Portland Executive Director Benjamin Dudley and Portland Impact coach Mark Lawton sat down with Lisa Cohn from The Ultimate Sports Parent podcast to discuss why kids are dropping out of sports and more importantly, how we can keep them involved.

The research is showing that all the major sports are in decline in participation and Ben and Mark discuss coaching and parent tips for helping kids to want to stay involved in youth sports. 

To listen and download the podcast, click below.

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Lisa Cohn is the host of the Ultimate Sports Parent Radio podcast.  She is an award-winning parenting writer and author whose stories have appeared in the Huffington Post, Mothering, the Christian Science Monitor, Parenting and other publications. Lisa is a sports mom to three young athletes and is a former youth sports coach.

Ben Dudley is the Executive Director for the Portland Chapter of the Positive Coaching Alliance.  Ben is happily married and the father of two boys, a musician, a cyclist, a fly fisherman, and the chaplain for the Portland Timbers. Ben has dedicated his life to serving people and believes that sport is a very powerful way to help make a difference.

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