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The Triple-Impact Awards: Seattle's First Scholarship Celebration


The panoramic view of downtown Seattle at Pacific Tower played host to PCA-Seattle’s first celebration of Triple-Impact Competitor scholarship winners. These five recipients embody making themselves, their team, and the game better.

A crowd of over 100 people were astounded by a live on-stage interview with ROOT Sports host Jen Mueller as the youth scholars shared their passion for sport, integrity, resilience, and friends. Camille Chism, Sebastian McRae (unable to attend due to previous commitment), Colby Tong, SueAnn Van Valkenburg, and Wing Yun Au all have a special story of life and sports they shared, defining how life lessons are actually learned through sports.

The idea that life lessons learned in youth sport last a lifetime came to life with our Triple-Impact Executive (Eddie Poplawski) and our Excellence in Leadership Award (Dan Wilson). Wilson, a former Mariner great, spoke only a little about life in the MLB, but more about his impactful coach’s along the way. He spoke of teaching, being valued, and long-term mentor relationships from coaches who truly cared about him.

Poplawski, owner Barclay’s Realty and Management Company, spoke of youth sports as a vehicle for acceptance as a child immigrant in a new country. He spoke of emotionally about the bond between him and his father through the medium of sports.

Beyond our award winners and scholarship recipients, there was a moving testimonial from Jane McGillivray of Washington Youth Soccer, a PCA-Seattle partner. Those in attendance got who heard Jane's stories heard just a sneak peak of the impact PCA has made on her club since partnering with PCA-Seattle.

While PCA-Seattle had the opportunity to celebrate our Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Winners, we have reached over 23,000 youth in our first year. Throughout the evening, we heard stories of what youth sports is really about. It really was a celebration of the amazing people who are joining a grassroots movement to elevate the culture of youth sports in Seattle.

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