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The Happiest Man in The Locker Room


Jason McCourty described himself as the “happiest man in the locker room” before the 2019 Super Bowl. Coming from the 0-16 Browns to the 2019 Super Bowl with the Patriots, the reasons for his happiness seem obvious but, like his identical twin brother and long-time Patriots standout Devin McCourty, his happiness goes deeper than football.

Here in Patriots Nation, we know the football facts, right?

  • Devin and Jason McCourty are 31-year old identical twins
  • D-Mac and J-Mac are tough to tell apart, unless they are wearing their own jerseys, #32 is D-Mac and #30 is J-Mac
  • Pop Warner, high school, Rutgers, they played together for years, and, after nearly a decade apart, are playing together again for the Patriots
  • While 13 sets of twins have played in the NFL, they are the only set of twins to play in a Super Bowl together
  • D-Mac was drafted by the Patriots in the first round nine years ago, and has been a key player for the Patriots in six Super Bowls earning three rings, so far
  • J-Mac joined the Patriots just this past season and proved his brother right when he said “two McCourtys are better than one” by making one of the biggest plays of Super Bowl LIII ripping the ball out of the grasp of Brandin Cooks in the end zone and preserving the Patriots’ lead

But there is more to the McCourtys’ happiness than these facts.  

Happiness comes from their love for family. Their sibling rivalry and revelry enlivens their Double Coverage podcast.  The image of their mother in her “twin” jersey making angels on the confetti-strewn field after the 2019 Super Bowl with her grandchildren is indelible.

Happiness also comes from their ability to translate their success in football into making a difference in the world. So, here are just ten of the ways Devin and Jason McCourty are making a positive impact on people’s lives.

  1. Tackling sickle cell through their “Tackle Sickle Cell” campaign to educate the public, increase blood donations, and raise money for the fight against sickle cell disease
  2. Raising funds for game-changing research, including gene therapy, for Boston Medical Center’s Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease which serves more than 450 patients, from newborns to adults, each year
  3. Singing karaoke for teammates, Chung Changing Lives, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Dimock Center, that was Devin, does Jason sing too?
  4. Sending sickle cell patient Brunel Etienne and his mom on an all-expense paid trip to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII
  5. Traveling to Puerto Rico to host a football clinic for 400 kids and present the Boys and Girls Club there with a check for $50,000
  6. Successfully advocating for criminal justice reform in Massachusetts, even co-authoring an op-ed in The Boston Globe  to change the law so that 7-year-olds—children reading “Green Eggs and Ham”—are not trapped in a juvenile justice system under which they can be arrested, prosecuted, and confined, while 18-year-olds who are still in high school are automatically charged as adults and excluded from the juvenile system, regardless of the crime
  7. Running life-saving blood donation drives, and completing their sixth annual blood drive in February
  8. Taking a leadership role in the Players Coalition, an organization committed to social change and racial justice
  9. Telling the Massachusetts State Legislature “as adults, let’s ‘do our job’ and set all of our children up for success” by passing the Education PROMISE Act
  10. Winning the lip sync battle at Boston Children’s Hospital, that was Devin again

Devin told
SI in January, “there is always going to be a Super Bowl winner, a league MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, great defenses and offenses.  But I think to be part of real change—you talk about athletes like Muhammad Ali or Bill Russell—when you are able to do things that truly affect not just the game, but people everywhere, you find true meaning.”

Together, Devin and Jason McCourty are PCA’s 2019 Positive Impact HEROES.  

We will honor Devin and Jason McCourty on May 16th at JEANS + JERSEYS: PCA’s Positive Impact Celebration at the InterContinental, 510 Atlantic Avenue, Boston from 6 – 9 pm.  

Let’s fire up that sibling rivalry/revelry and we will see about that lip sync competition.

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