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The Colorado Amateur Hockey Association and PCA-Colorado Team Up To Help Parents & Coaches Enhance Youth Hockey; $500 Grants Available


Denver – As part of a targeted effort to provide the most positive environment possible for Colorado hockey, CAHA has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance, a non-profit organization developed to teach parents, coaches and organizational leaders how to effectively work with young athletes while instilling the values of teamwork, discipline, respect and goal-setting.
The Colorado Amateur Hockey Association is providing $500 Sportsmanship Grants to Colorado Hockey Clubs that partner with PCA-Colorado to provide a Second-Goal Parent® workshop for their club.  PCA-Colorado, through the Daniels Fund, also has $500 grants available for partners that commit to a three-workshop partnership to teach Positive Coaching principles to parents, coaches and administrators/leaders.


“The partnership helps parents navigate the hockey experience with their child and empowers Colorado hockey coaches and league administrators to establish and maintain a positive competitive environment,” said Linda Crum, PCA-Colorado Chapter Executive Director. “We also give parents tips for discussing occurrences in college hockey and the NHL with their kids to bring out life lessons through hockey.” 
“Working with hundreds of youth sports organizations around the United States, we've developed practical tools and guidelines to help youth athletes, their coaches and parents realize that winning is not only reflected in game scores but also in the effort players give, the learning and improvement they achieve, and the ability they develop to bounce back from mistakes,” said Jim Thompson, founder of Positive Coaching Alliance. “Colorado Amateur Hockey Association recognizes the tremendous potential sports participation offers for today’s youth and is working to realize that potential by emphasizing a positive club culture for their players, coaches, and parents.” 

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