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The Best Play of Tony Romo’s Career

by David Jacobson


Tony Romo’s courageous and eloquent message in the video above from his Nov. 15 press conference may turn out to be a career-defining moment. Romo’s sense of responsibility to his team is exactly what Positive Coaching Alliance would hope for from athletes of all ages.

It is all too common for athletes to lobby for position and playing time. It is rare that high-profile athletes even silently accept circumstances that amount to demotion. It is rarer still that they go out of their way – as Romo does here – to publicly, unequivocally support the team’s direction and decision and to specifically support their replacements in the lineup.

Romo speaks honestly about his desire for playing time, lending that much more credence to his statements of support for his team. He shares a beautiful view of the importance of competition. More importantly, he contributes as much as possible to his team despite his personal pain. Most importantly, he sets an example for youth athletes and their parents on maintaining perspective and focusing on the greater good.

David Jacobson was the Positive Coaching Alliance Senior Marketing Communications and Content Manager for over 12 years. He is a lifelong sports fan and participant, and even now enjoys playing pick-up basketball. David coached and officiated primarily baseball, softball and basketball, whether his two (now grown) children were on the teams or not.

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