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Thanks For The PCA Parent Workshop


PCA takes great pride in the spontaneous, unsolicited feedback we receive from workshop participants. Following is an e-mail from a parent who attended a workshop for PCA Partner Tonka United, forwarded to us by Bobbi Hoebelheinrich, the organization’s executive director.

Dear Bobbi,

I wanted to thank you for making me attend the PCA workshop in March. Yes, really!

The last thing I wanted to do on that beautiful March, Saturday afternoon was sit in an auditorium and listen to a speaker tell me how to parent my soccer player.  My husband and I listened and decided to try a few things we learned that day.  We are seeing the change in our daughter.  She wanted to quit so many times this past winter and we would not let her. Changing clubs was harder than she expected. We have used some of the phrases we learned from the workshop and would ask her what she learned from practice, what goals did she have, and most important, did she have fun. 

This past weekend, she and her team lost their first two games in their tournament. I was worried that Laura would be discouraged. But I was very wrong! She got in the car, and eagerly discussed what she and her team did well, what they could improve on and  then she said "That was fun!" Music to my ears!

Thanks again for offering the PCA parent workshop!