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Testimony: What Local Youth Sports Organizations And High Schools Say About PCA-Houston


"During this interactive evening, our girls discussed multiple ways that they, as athletes, should strive to improve in the three main areas:

  • Self
  • Teammates
  • The GAME  

One major takeaway our team heard was "fill each other's tanks!"

Being a team of middle school aged girls, bonding was an important goal we had. Being each other support system as well as holding each other accountable was an important lesson we hoped they would learn. We look forward to our second phase in the near future, by involving our parents in the Positive Coaching Alliance philosophy.”

-Mimi Julian (Coach, Pershing Girls Lacrosse)


“PCA has been an integral part in helping me develop and grow my athletic program here at Cristo Rey Jesuit.  We have been one of the longer running programs with PCA and it has been great to see how they have adapted and grown their programs to accommodate student-athletes that have been in their systems for multiple years.  Their message is always on point and timely and our student-athletes always leave a workshop with a greater sense of enthusiasm and motivation.  The Captain's Workshop has had the greatest impact on our student-athletes.  They have learned to be great leaders and better listeners by attending that workshop.  They learned that that being a Captain means much more than just having a band on your arm, it means communicating and building your teammates up.”

-Michael Scrutchin (Athletic Director, Cristo Rey Jesuit of Houston)


“As a trainer with US Lacrosse’s Coaches Education Program, I’ve been involved with PCA for years due to its partnership with US Lacrosse. I’ve always been a proponent of what PCA espouses. Even before PCA was around, my philosophy more or less mirrored the Double Goal Coaching; I just didn’t know how to word it until PCA came into being!

But the best thing that has happened to our program has been signing our program up to be sponsored by PCA, via the Sportsmanship Grant offered by USL. The parents and players and coaches in our program have all enjoyed the clinics we have been privy to. The experience has really helped our program grow closer together, as parents and players now understand where the coaching staff is coming from.”

Scott Elmore (Coach, Stratford Girls Lacrosse)

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