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Talk Story With Jim & Shane: From Success To Significance


PCA Founder and CEO Jim Thompson sits down with Former Major League Baseball Player Shane Victorino

PCA-Hawaii’s inaugural Chip Hammond Talk Story with Shane Victorino and Jim Thompson was an inspiring and refreshing breakfast event at the delightful Pacific Club.  Hundreds of fans experienced a beautiful convergence of what is right about sports and its positive impact on our lives:

  • Our two honorees eloquently described the tough and valuable education received through sport and inspired us with their perseverance, humility, and leadership qualities.
  • Shane gave personal and insightful accounts of the importance of coaches and family, characteristics of success, making an impact, and developing a profound appreciation of challenging yourself every day to want to be better.
  • Jim declared that society needs people who can elevate, and remarked, “Shane is an elevater!”
  • Billy Pieper was absolutely right in his introduction when he remarked that Shane is a man who embodies “from success to significance.”
  • Dave Reardon, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser sportswriterwho was at our event, used this quote to end an article he wrote: “It’s about having an impact on those who follow you,” he said. “At the end of the day, when it is done, what do you want to be remembered for?

It was a true Hawaii-style “talk story” filled with sharing, laughter, and reminders that being a better athlete at the end of the season is a good goal, but being a better person is the most important goal. Shane has set an example of philanthropy, including his annual charity golf tournament benefitting Maui charities for the past 10 years and the renovation of the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia.

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