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Shea Forgas



Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Qualifier, Class of 2019

Sunlake High School

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Student-Athlete Profile

Shea talks about how she respects the game: “Honoring the game is an essential quality to have as an athlete. It shows your character as a player and ability to be a leader on and off the field. I have honored the game since I first stepped on the field. Every game, I introduce myself to the other team with a little hand shake and say good-luck. Then, I go up to the umpires and introduce myself. In between innings, while receiving a couple ground balls from my first basemen, I start a little conversation with the umpire to try and get to know them. I enjoy doing this every game because I have gotten to know many umpires throughout my years of playing that still umpire my games today.”

Coach You Admire: University of Florida Coach Tim Walton

Favorite Sports Team: University of Florida Softball Team

Favorite Athlete: Kirsti Merritt, her second season in the NPF (National Pro Fast-
pitch) with the USSSA Pride

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.”-
Ronnie Lott

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