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Recap: Ladies Leading the Leagues Webinar


On Thursday, March 4, PCA hosted a webinar titled, “Ladies Leading the Leagues'' in conjunction with Spurs Give, the nonprofit organization of Spurs Sports and Entertainment. The mission of Spurs Give is to “strengthen and serve our community through impactful programming, player engagements, and investments that enrich the lives of youth and those around them”. PCA’s Trennis Jones and Casey Miller moderated the conversation which included Corinna Holt Richter from Spurs Give, with guests Chrysa Chin, Dionna Widder, Laura Dixon, and George Gervin.

The conversation started with introductions and a description of the amazing accomplishments of the following guests:

  • Chrysa Chin: Executive VP, Strategic Engagement and Development of NBAPA
  • Dionna Widder: Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash, and BBVA Stadium
  • Laura Dixon: Executive Director of Pro Sports Assembly
  • George Gervin: Hall of Fame Professional Basketball Player (NBA & ABA)

Each panelist discussed the barriers and boundaries presented to women in sports and how we can remove those obstacles to create an atmosphere where women can excel.

A couple of the most common boundaries the panelists had to overcome was earning respect in a field where women and people of color are significant minorities in the industry. These panelists had to work harder, remove emotion, maintain a higher standard of professionalism, and take more risks than their counterparts, but all of that paid off as they began to establish their careers. A key takeaway from the beginning of this conversation was that fostering individual relationships is one of the best investments of time, whether it’s related to business or coaching because it builds the foundation of trust. Not only did the panelists discuss how they have to not only do their jobs but also forge a path for the women in sports behind them by creating a positive culture through their platforms.

"The community of people you surround yourself with are the number one contributors to where you end up going and how you get there.  They are either going to hold you accountable or be the bobbleheads." - Laura Dixon

"Women are strong, passionate, and a lot of the times they can beat us at our own job.  It's just about giving them that opportunity." - George Gervin

“You have to meet folks where they are, and there’s never any judgement.”
- Chrysa Chin


George Gervin later discussed how the new roles of women in sports have made him smile since he has seen them integrate into the industry. He said that if a woman is capable or more than capable of doing the same job as a man, she should be equally considered, which is something that is still being worked on. He gave the example of Becky Hammon, the current Spurs Assistant Coach. A big note to take away from this part of the discussion is the unconscious bias when hiring women or minorities in sports. Getting rid of the notion of “fitting” a job or role needs to start with the leadership of an organization because as times change and equity in the industry begins to stabilize, there is no particular “look” for a specific role anymore.

Another key takeaway from this discussion is the effort that you put in will pay off for the resulting outcome, as well as surrounding yourself and kids with the right people. PCA focuses on the growth mindset, and knowing that you can always learn something new allows you to keep an open mind through your entire career. Once you get the opportunity, you will be able to succeed if you work hard. In youth sports, it’s all about relationships, and having success stems from those relationships you build upon, foster, and create as you move through both your athletic and professional career. Surrounding your kids with the right people, or coaches who will foster development and relationships with players and parents is very important for both athletic and personal development and success.

Thank you Chrysa, Laura, Dionna, and George for continuing to forge the path for women in sports and taking the time to speak on their experiences and path with us.