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Rebekah Clark



Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Qualifier, Class of 2019

Strawberry Crest High School

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Student-Athlete Profile

Rebekah describes one of her favorite personal sports memories during her sophomore year running for the first time on her cross country team: “Due to my inexperience I often was placed in the “B” or slower race; specifically on September 14, 2016, I was the only girl placed in the “B” race of a cross country invitational meet my team attended. Along with this, I was the only girl on my team that was wearing the previous year’s uniform and this distinction between me and my other teammates earned me the nickname ‘Rebekah Clark High School.’ This meet is one of my fondest memories not only because of my nickname, but also because as I was running, my teammates (who had all finished their races by that time) made a point to line the course to cheer me on. Due to this, even as I struggled through the race, at every turn I was greeted by a familiar face urging me to keep going and encouraging me to reach my goal of finishing the race in under 30 minutes. That day, each of my teammates helped me to push myself to run faster, and keep going despite my exhaustion. That day I learned the importance of encouraging your teammates, limitations are only created in your own head, and that if you train hard, and have enough drive, you can achieve any goal.”

Coach You Admire: David Spain, Huntington High School Cross Country Coach

Favorite Sports Team: The Baltimore Orioles

Favorite Athlete: Katie Ledecky, swimming Olympic world record holder

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: The Blind Side

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “Hit the wall harder than it hits you.”

Fun Fact: Favorite superhero is Captain America

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