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Rachel Hendry



Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Qualifier, Class of 2019

Robinson High School

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Student-Athlete Profile

Coach Marissa Higgins talks about Rachel recovering from an injury: “Before her junior season, Rachel had a season-jeopardizing injury that placed her in the hospital for over a week. Rachel had to re-learn how to walk and perform activities of daily living following her injury. While others would have given up and perceived it to be futile to get back on the field, Rachel did the opposite. She put in the time with physical therapy, she worked on extra conditioning, and she took it upon herself to get herself ready for season. As a result, Rachel was ready to play by the time of the first whistle. This singular event was more inspirational than anything else for every Tampa lacrosse player this season. Rachel had players from rival schools cheering for her and hoping for her success. I could hear some of them saying ‘If Rachel can do it, we can do it.’”

Coach You Admire: Marissa Higgins, “I admire her because during her off-season
training program, she helped me become a better player. She has also given me
great college and career advice, since she works as a physical therapist, which is a
profession I am interested in pursuing.”

Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Lightning, “I love how all of Tampa comes
together to support them in finals.”

Favorite Athlete: Aly Raisman, “I remember watching her compete in the Olympics,
and she is an incredible athlete. More importantly it took a lot of courage for her to
be the first to speak up about being abused by her team doctor, Larry Nassar, and
she prevented other athletes from being abused by him.”

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: The Blind Side, “It shows how a family’s love
and support helps a person be successful in her or his athletic career and in life.”

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “You will always miss one-hundred percent of the
shots you don’t take.”-Wayne Gretzky, Rachael says, “I can relate to this statement a
lot because I used to not feel confident enough to attempt to make a goal, but this
quote helped me see that I just had to go for it.”

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