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Q&A With Carrie Ruckle, New Minnesota Partnership Manager


Carrie Ruckle recently joined PCA-Minnesota as the Partnership Manager. Carrie will be establishing partnerships with youth sports organizations, high schools, and colleges. In the article below, you can learn more about Carrie, including her own youth sports background and why she wants to bring PCA workshops to all organizations and schools across the state.

  1. What is your background in sports?

I grew up as a multi-sport athlete playing volleyball, running track, basketball, softball and many other recreational sports.   I always knew that coaching would be in my future. After graduating high school, I went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a Coaching Minor. Since college I have served as a coach for many teams. I have also sat on numerous YSO boards and given countless amounts of volunteer hours!

  1. What is your perception of the youth and high school sports landscape in Minnesota?

I believe that Minnesota has a very strong youth and high school sports landscape. If anyone takes a peak at their local community education brochure…the opportunities are endless! Every year in Minnesota, I see more and more “club” teams. I do believe a shift to these teams can drastically effect the YSO and high school landscape.  

  1. What is your vision for what PCA can do in Minnesota?

I'm so impressed with the reach PCA already has in Minnesota within schools and YSOs. My hope is that PCA can continue to spread the message across our state. It’s a shame that there are YSO’s and School Boards that have never heard of PCA and how a partnership with us could benefit their program. With the PCA movement in MN, I believe this can decrease the number of children that are quitting sports far too early.

  1. What is your most memorable sports experience?

My most memorable moment from youth sports was playing youth soccer. The memory did not come from something on the field, but it happened after the games on the ride home. After every game (win or lose) my mom would take me through the McDonald’s drive thru to get an ice cream cone. After a win, this treat was icing on the cake and after a loss, it was just what I needed to pick up my spirits!