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Positivity In The Workplace: PCA Workshops for RMHC


On Wednesday, Dec 5th, PCA-Colorado Trainer Amy Manson delivered a Triple-Impact Competitor® workshop to a different kind of team. The team was a group of doctors, nurses, X-ray technicians and administrative staff from the Pediatric Orthopedics office of PCA-Colorado supporter Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. 

While most of PCA’s Triple-Impact Competitor® workshops relate an athletes sports experience to life, the lesson was reversed as Amy used the workshop to relate office culture and teamwork to that of a successful athletic team.

Working together, building up teammates, controlling what can be controlled, and showing respect and care for all factors contributing to their profession as medical professionals were some of the topics discussed.

Dr. Brooke Pengel, MD, the Medical Director for Pediatric Sports Medicine, shared that the workshop, "was a game changer." She went on to explain that she was, "confident [the workshop] will make a huge impact on how we support each other and how we provide compassionate care to our patients. I am so grateful for the experience and for the opportunity to partner with PCA."

At PCA-Colorado we're thrilled to have the support of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and proud that they are using PCA tools in the workplace to become better medical professionals and better people.