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Positive Coaching Alliance Announced as Founding Alliance Member of The Choose Kindness Project


PCA joins 20 other organizations, plus ABC, ESPN Citizenship, and the Walton Family Foundation, in rolling out an initiative to build a culture of belonging and mental wellness for young people and their families.

The Choose Kindness Project, guided by the Alliance and supported by ABC, ESPN, and the Walton Family Foundation, is dedicated to inspiring a more inclusive world where all young people feel empowered to be themselves and safe to create the futures they imagine. This initiative, kicking off today, October 7th, was created to generate awareness of and support for three major issue areas affecting young children – bullying prevention, intentional inclusion, and mental wellness. Parents of children who suffer from bullying, exclusion, or mental wellness struggles know it can be a long and difficult road to figure out how they can best support their children and even harder to find helpful resources to support their journey.

The Choose Kindness Project is a safe space for these parents, coaches, and caregivers to find helpful information, thanks to the 20+ alliance members like ourselves. We proudly stand alongside organizations such as the NAACP, GLAAD, HRC, Special Olympics, Kevin Love Fund, and many more to come together for this great cause.

"Positive Coaching Alliance is proud to work alongside so many organizations that share our commitment to providing positive, inclusive environments for our youth," said Jason Sacks, PCA President. "We all know how important a positive youth sports experience is to the well-being of young people, and we are thrilled that The Choose Kindness Project will help amplify our training and resources for coaches, parents, student-athletes, and organizational leaders."

The Choose Kindness Project is committed to elevating and developing world-class resources to support parents, coaches, leaders, and youth. PCA is excited to announce the launch of Coaching With Empathy: a live 2-hour in-person (or 90-minute virtual) workshop for coaches. This research-based workshop demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate empathy into everyday coaching by creating strong connections, listening to athletes, and understanding how kids’ experiences impact how they show up to your practices. Coaches will take away tangible tools and tips to create an empathetic environment with their team, so all kids feel safe, seen, heard, and valued.

To learn more about the workshop and bring it to your organization, click here.

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