The PCA Blog - Portland

Play Ball! Controlling What We Can Control

by Ben Dudley


Every spring we look forward to hearing those words at the start of each baseball and softball game.  It is such a great phrase and I have never had a stronger desire to hear those words ring out than I do right now.  We live in unique times and so many of the things we have grown accustomed to have been stopped or removed from our daily routines due to the Coronavirus.  

At PCA, we stress in our workshops that we can only control the controllables.  With several things out of our control, let's take the opportunity to focus on the positive and what WE CAN control.

  • WE CAN still exercise.  That might mean going for a jog, doing push-ups or practicing your jumpshot in the backyard.
  • WE CAN still be learning.  Never in human history has there been more access to educational opportunities at our fingertips. Now is a great time to take a step back and dive deep into learning about your sport. Coaches, take some coaching courses, work on new plays, read a book.  Athletes, find videos online for how to improve your skills and use the time to practice.
  • WE CAN control how we deal with our emotional and mental health.  This one is more challenging.  In an isolated world, it is more important than ever to put safeguards around your mental wellness.  It is healthy and positive to share your struggles with a trusted friend, teammate, coach or parent.  Make sure you take time for exercise, mindfulness, praying, meditating or whatever you do to stay mentally charged.
  • WE CAN still serve others.  One of the most important things we can do is make sure we are checking in and serving our teammates, our families, friends and our community.  Be proactive and find ways to make sure that everyday you are intentional about doing something that benefits others.

If we all focus on the things WE CAN control, we will come out of this in a good way, ready to hear those beautiful two words echo across the field with great joy, “PLAY BALL!!!!”

Ben joined Positive Coaching Alliance in September of 2015, as the Executive Director of the Portland Chapter. As Chapter Executive Director, Ben is responsible for the success of the PCA-Portland Chapter. In 2019, Ben was promoted to Vice President, Field Operations, where he also now manages and oversees operations and strategy for the West Territory. Ben is a graduate of Baylor University, with a Church Recreation and Leisure Services Degree. Ben enjoys fly fishing, cycling, soccer, playing guitar and also serves as the Chaplain for the Portland Timbers.