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PCA's Top 10 of 2019


As coaches, parents, and leaders, these are your most read blog posts and resources from and in 2019. 

Whether it was engaging with our Ask PCA blog, downloading an article, or watching one of our many videos via social media or our websites, YOU made an effort to create BETTER ATHLETES, BETTER PEOPLE. 

Blog Posts

1. What To Do When Your Most Talented Player Has the Worst Attitude

2. What Makes a Great Teammate

3. How to Handle the Defeated Mindset and Fill Your Player's Tank

4. Impacts of Early Sport Specialization

5. What Team Building Activities Can I Use to Help My Team Move on from Mistakes

6. Handling the Mean Girl Culture Within Sports

7. How to Handle the Pouting Athlete with Attitude Problems

8. Know the Difference Between Negative Coaching and Abusive Coaching

9. Parents Handling a Closed Practice Policy

10. The Importance of Collaboration between Coaches and Parents

A great teammate has respect for others: Respect your teammates. Respect your coaches. Respect your family, Respect your teachers. Respect your facilities.  Respect your school.


1. Too Many Kids Leave Sports Because of the Car Ride Home

2. Parents Shouldn't Be Involved in Playing Time Discussions

3. When Players Know You Care, They Work Harder and Are Easier to Work With

4. Playing Time: Underclassmen Ahead of Seniors

5. Coaches and Parents Need Not Praise Effort When It's Not There

6. AJ Hinch on Coaching Your Own Child

7. A Message to Parents: Why It Bothers Me That You Coach from the Stands

8. Helicopter, Snowplow, and Curling Parents Aren't Teaching Resilience

9. Why More Mothers Should Coach Youth Sports

10. Parents' Reaction to Failure Translates to Their Children

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