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PCA - Tampa Bay Partners with City of St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation Department


The City of St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation Department has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance-Tampa Bay (PCA) to provide St. Petersburg youth league football coaches with industry-leading trainings. The two organizations share similar goals of providing excellent and positive sports experiences for youth to keep them involved and learning life lessons season after season. PCA was launched locally with support from the Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Triad Foundation.  PCA also receives support from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and in particular for this partnership, the Riley Education Foundation. 

“A coach that focuses on the development of players and helps them master and progress in the sport is going to keep youth wanting to stay playing and will provide more opportunities for them to learn lessons through sports.” said Chris Wolfe, Athletics Supervisor with the St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation Department’s Athletic Division.  “We have already gotten underway with the first training that will provide coaches with tools they can use this season to better develop players and their team.”

PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® workshops are led by a certified trainer, and participants learn and discuss together the importance of the following:

  • Coaching for mastery, not just results
  • Filling emotional tanks
  • Building strong character by emphasizing the importance of respect for rules, opponents, officials, teammates, self (ROOTS)

“PCA partners with Pinellas County Schools and is looking forward to connecting with more coaches and players in the City of St. Pete to build a larger positive culture in our community.” said Mason Brady, Executive Director at PCA-Tampa Bay.  “Whether a kid is at school or playing in a youth league, coaches will be more prepared to develop kids not only as better athletes but also better people with strong character that are more ready to face challenges they encounter on or off the field.”

“Coaches spend a significant amount of time with kids in our community and providing them with this resource assists with creating a lasting, positive impact on youth,” said Mike Jefferis, Leisure Services Administrator with the City of St. Petersburg. “Professional development opportunities like this allow us to better service our athletic leagues and our community.”

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