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PCA-Seattle Announces Triple Impact Competitor Award Winners


PCA Seattle is proud to present our 2019 Triple Impact Competitor Award Winners. Each recipient will receive a $1000 scholarship for their effort in creating and inspiring a better youth sports environment for all! Congrats to our finalists and four winners!

PCA awards scholarships to high school athletes, based on their responses to questions pertaining to how they meet the standard defined in Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor by PCA Founder Jim Thompson

  • Personal Mastery: Making oneself better
  • Leadership: Making one's teammates better
  • Honoring the Game: Making the game better.

See below for the winners and a little bit about each of them!

2019 Triple Impact Competitor Award Winners

Kayleigh Cameron
from Kentlake HS competes in soccer, and referees in her spare time to give herself a better perspective of the game.

Alicia Ing from Renton HS, and competes in cross country, dance, and track while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Midori Carrier-Berndt from Olympic HS, and competes in soccer, basketball and softball, while volunteer coaching in her spare time.

Connor Donahue from Charles A. Lindbergh HS, where he competes in swimming and strives to include every person on his team in order to succeed.

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