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PCA-New England's Chris Fay on Boston 25 News To Discuss Youth Sports Burnout


Do your kids say, "Do I get to play baseball this year?'' or "Do I have to baseball this year?"

One word certainly makes a huge difference. But what causes this change in mindset? Does the game change so much in a year that a player's love for sports diminishes? Or do our growing and often unrealistic expectations as parents and coaches cause players to walk away from the game far too early?

Boston 25 News interviewed Positive Coaching Alliance to discuss youth sports, the often dreaded car ride home, and which "relentlessly positive" family members players say they want sitting in the front row during their next game. (Hint: it’s not their parents!)

PCA National Advisory Board Member and two-time Olympic champion Kristine Lilly challenges leagues and parents to "take a breath" and reevaluate the "beast" that is youth sports. Nowhere is this more evident than in the treatment of the game's officials and referees with several several high profile incidents causing national attention.

"Yes, officials are going to make mistakes," said Chris Fay, PCA's Senior Partnership Manager. "And when they do? Parents need to make it bigger than the actual call. What a great opportunity to demonstrate and teach poise to our players."

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