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PCA Little League Day is a Homerun!


February 15th was a big day for PCA as we hosted our Second Annual PCA Little League Day. The event was hosted at Hohokam Stadium, the Spring Training home of the Oakland Athletics and was led by the great baseball team and coaches of Pinnacle High School.

The PCA wants to thank both Pinnacle High School and the Oakland Athletics for allowing us to put on an amazing event. Little League Day has become such an important event for PCA because it is our mission to create Better Athletes and Better People. This awesome event saw a total of 115 students, Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, who had participated in baseball activities and learned the importance of teamwork. The kids were able to play on practice fields of the Oakland A’s and learn the fundamentals of baseball, just like how the big leaguers have done it! We also had the pleasure of having Rick Kruger, PCA-Arizona Trainer, talk about the ELM Tree method with all of the participants! In addition, about $500 had been raised, which is such a great opportunity to give back to PCA!

Little League Day was filled with baseball, food, entertainment, and fun. PCA was able to bring out vendors from all different areas to be a part of the event. The Little Leaguers were gifted a day of baseball as well as gift bags filled with a hat, a ball, and a game ticket to the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants that happened on Sunday, February 23rd! Lastly, the PCA wants to thank all of the wonderful parents who brought their children out to the event! This event could not be possible without your support and we hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. We hope to see you all next year!

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