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Pats Or Eagles: With Veterans of Both Teams Working for PCA, Who Wins?

by Beth O'Neill Maloney



"Go Pats!"

Says PCA-North Texas Associate Director Scott Secules, who played for the New England Patriots in 1993-1994. Initially a backup to rookie Drew Bledsoe, Secules became the Patriots’ starting QB in the fifth game of the season against the Phoenix Cardinals, helping the Patriots to their first win. Secules started 5 games for the Patriots until he separated his shoulder and Bledsoe assumed the starting role. Secules spent six seasons in the NFL with Dallas, Miami, and New England. As the son of a high school football coach, a student-athlete at the University of Virginia, an NFL QB, an administrator in intercollegiate athletics, and sports parent, Secules is a powerful advocate for developing Better Athletes, Better People through sports done right.

Secules, in his days as a New England Patriot. Secules, in his days as a New England Patriot.

Trust us, Secules will be watching closely and cheering as Bledsoe’s replacement, Tom Brady, and the Patriots take on the Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4th. Secules’ thoughts on the big game:

The Patriots’ famous discipline and ‘do your job’ approach makes every player on that team a leader. Shout-out to the best tight-end in the game, Rob Gronkowski, for a full and fast recovery from his concussion. I want to see every player out there playing healthy.

Scott Secules

Former Patriots QB

Check out what Secules has to say about leadership, great leaders adapt like chameleons, and great NFL QBs are as cool as cucumbers (note the Tom Brady reference at :42), and about concussions, first-hand advice and playing through a concussion is not a sign of toughness

"Go Eagles!"

So says PCA Philadelphia Partnership Manager Brandon Whiting who played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1998-2004 as starting defensive lineman. Having been a four-year starter for the Golden Bears at the University of California, Berkeley, Whiting has great passion for the value of sports in developing people.

Like Secules, on Super Bowl Sunday, Whiting will be rooting for his team shouting “Go Birds.” His thoughts on the big game:

What the Eagles have done this year shows why football is the ultimate team sport. All but written off a few weeks ago, it's been ‘next man up’ and boy have they responded. The Eagles resiliency and passion is on another level. In this 2004 Super Bowl rematch, the Eagles will have to continue to rely on the contributions of every member of the team in order to beat the defending Champs.

Brandon Whiting

Former Philadelphia Eagle, PCA-Philadelphia Partnership Manager

Proud of and happy for his former teammates Doug Pederson, Tim Hauck, and Duce Staley for leading the team back to the big game, Whiting knows that great teams have all types of leaders: emotional, vocal leaders; teacher/mentor leaders, humorous fun-loving leaders, spiritual leaders, and more. Check out what Whiting has to say about leadership--the importance of having different leadership styles within teams and who on the Eagles is what type of leader.

While Secules and Whiting would have lined up against one another if they had played for their respective teams at the same time, but they missed each other across the line of scrimmage by four years. Secules and Whiting line up together for PCA to give kids the best possible youth sports experience. Secules and Whiting, would-be rivals, respect each other. 

Who wins? The answer is obvious, kids who play sports. 


Scott Secules places his helmet in front of his desk while at work for PCA. Learn More About Our Team by clicking below.

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Beth O’Neill Maloney became the Executive Director – New England in January 2016. A native of the Boston area, she is excited to help PCA accomplish its mission of providing youth and high school athletes with a positive, character-building sports experience, developing Better Athletes, Better People, throughout New England.

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