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Noah Perkins


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Seffner Christian Academy
Seffner, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Noah Perkins is a cross-country runner from Seffner, Florida. He understands the importance of setting ambitious goals is to training. “The first thing I do to make myself become better as an athlete is make very big goals. Goals that may seem out of reach at first, but with a great amount of work can become possible. This helps me to hold myself to those goals for the entirety of any sports season, and to push my body and mind to the limit in order to reach that goal. I also try to listen to my coach and do what he says because, in the long run, he knows much more than I do. When he says to do a certain pace for a certain amount of mileage, I go and do that and I become stronger because of it. I realize how hard he works to help his team to become a better group of athletes, and that shows me that doing the exact things he wants me to do is going to make me the best athlete I can be.”

Noah’s coach speaks to the encouragement he brings to the team during a completion “Noah makes his teammates better by taking it upon himself to lead our teams in stretching and core workouts after practices. At meets as won as his race is over you will see him on the track or course encouraging a teammate as they get close to the finish. Our team is composed of 6th-12th graders, and our younger kids thrive on the kind of encouragement he gives.” 

High School: Seffner Christian Academy, Seffner, FL

Favorite Team: Golden State Warriors 

Coach You Admire: Coach Andy Holmes

Favorite Athlete:  Steve Prefontaine (Team U.S.A. Olympic Runner) 

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: McFarland USA

Favorite Quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice your gifts.” –Steve Prefontaine

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