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Niwot HS Student-Athletes Strengthen Character & Leadership While Seasons Postponed


Much like most of the country, Colorado HS athletics has experienced non-stop cancelations and postponements which have left many of their athletes feeling lost and disconnected.

Niwot is a new PCA partner this year and had 4 workshops planned for sports parents and coaches this fall and winter. With that programming on hold due to COVID, Niwot High School's Athletic Director Joe Brown wanted to use the sports downtime to let his student-athletes connect and work towards the character and leadership parts of their game. 

PCA was able to offer the Character & Leadership Development Series, granted by the Daniels Fund and The Anshutz Foundation. Mr. Brown plans to hold his additional coach and parent workshops once sports are able to resume.

About 53 student-athletes took the time to participate in all three workshops and Mr. Brown is presenting each participant with a leadership team certificate that can be added to college & employment applications.

Niwot HS Student-Athletes particpate in PCA Zoom Session Niwot HS Student-Athletes particpate in PCA Zoom Session

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"I was also hesitant at first to have a virtual PCA workshop but after having seen how they work and how impactful they are I am so glad we did this leadership series. Here are some of the benefits I have seen from the workshops. This has been a great way to stay connected to our student-athletes when we can't work out with them in person. It has also given the students a way to see their friends and teammates in a safe environment. Students are able to "participate" in athletics when their normal options are not available.  Student-Athletes are able to learn valuable lessons from PCA and can make an unfortunate situation impactful and meaningful.  Thanks for all that you do!"

Earlier this year, Niwot HS Track & Field and Cross Country Coach Maurice Henriques was named a National Double-Goal® Coach Award Winner out of 800 nominees. Maurice has coached countless individual state champions in track events of all distances and multiple field events, as well as collected multiple team state championships. Most recently, he has brought five team state championships to the Niwot Cougars, and at minimum, top-5 finishes every other year of his decade at Niwot.

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