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National Girls & Women in Sports Day: Q&A with Score Sports


The National Girls and Women in Sports Day is an annual day of observance held during the first week of February to acknowledge the accomplishments of female athletes, recognize the influence of sports participation for women and girls, and honor the progress and continuing struggle for equality for women in sports.

In honor of this important day and movement, we held a conversation with local PCA Board member Rebeka Beteivaz, Director of Business Development at SCORE Sports, and SCORE Sports’ COO, Nancy Torres to gather their insights on the impact sports participation had on both of them.

1. As a female business executive, what are some of the lessons you learned from playing sports that apply in business?

Rebeka: Sports have been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. There are tons of lessons learned and applied to my professional career. I would say the ones that stand out the most would be working hard and putting in the extra time into my career, learning to work with different personalities and teamwork. As an athlete, if you want positive results from your performance, you have to put in the extra time to work on your skills, put in extra practice, and really understand the ins and outs of the game. It’s much the same when you want to excel in your career and develop your skill sets and really understand the industry you are part of.  Being on a team, you are with people with different personalities and you have to learn to work together. You may not get along with everyone, but once you step on the court or field, you are one. I think you really appreciate the teamwork aspect once you move into your career and realize it’s much the same; learning to work together and understanding it takes a team effort to achieve success. 

Nancy: Perseverance pays off. The team is a must in business and sports, it’s never a one-man team. 

2. You have both also coached youth sports. What lessons have you learned from coaching youth sports that impact your management style?

Rebeka: I have done some coaching, mainly on the recreation side and middle school level. I would say understanding every player on the team is a trait that helps when it comes to management. Each person brings something different to the table. It’s important to understand the individual skills and how you can bring these skills together to achieve your goals. Also, understanding you cannot manage everyone the same way, much like coaching. People, in general, process information in different ways, adapting to their way of learning is key to helping them grow and continue to improve. 

Nancy: I’ve been a team mom, the organizational skills I've developed volunteering have helped tremendously.

3. Why is girls' participation in sports so important?

Rebeka: Being part of sports is huge. You learn skill sets unique to the sport, but more importantly, skills you can apply later in life to your personal and professional life. I think, more importantly, sports help build confidence, mental strength, and motivation. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where sports were encouraged and my parents placed me in various sports until I found the sport I wanted to focus on. I believe young kids face so many peer-pressure situations and challenges. Sports can help them shift their focus and build character traits from a young age. For girls especially, confidence-building and mental strength are huge components of their development and facing various situations throughout life. 

Nancy: Girls contribute to society in so many positive ways. Sports help develop them and prepare them for life challenges. 

4. What would you say to a mom who is considering coaching her son or daughter’s youth sports team? Why do it?

Rebeka: I would definitely encourage moms to coach their kid's teams. It will not only strengthen the relationship, but it will help the mom develop new skill sets and make a positive impact on the kids’ lives. A great coach makes a significant impact on the life of players. If you are fortunate to have one coach that was great in your life, you will never forget them and their impact. 

Nancy: Coaching is so rewarding and gives you an opportunity to improve people’s lives.  

5. What do you hope to see from women’s sports in the future?

Rebeka: I hope women’s participation continues to grow in sports, which will lead to more women taking on roles in the sports workforce. I believe the encouragement starts at home.  If you have a strong support system encouraging young girls to play sports, that will impact the success of women in sports tremendously. 

Nancy: More visibility, more marketing and enthusiasm, affinity for women’s sports. 

In celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, SCORE Sports is offering a 15% discount to the PCA community. 


Expires 3/31/22

About SCORE Sports:

For athletes of all ages and levels, SCORE Sports creates and provides accessible, quality uniforms and sports equipment. Unique in the industry, SCORE Sports, a woman-owned, North American company, combines top-quality products, a vertically integrated manufacturing system, and unmatched personal attention to serve league administrators, team managers, organizations, volunteers, and athletes.

With their all-in-one solution, they will always strive to provide exceptional service, with a passion to improve the communities in which their customers live, work, and play. Their contributions to charitable causes allow them to be a part of furthering sports at large. Their customers are our number one priority.