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Mission Accomplished! 2019 Harvard Stadium Stampede



EVERY DAY young athletes step up. They learn to swing a bat, run through first base, and catch a fly ball. They learn to shoot a free throw, make a bounce pass, and box out. They learn to juggle a soccer ball, drive the ball into the net, and defend a free kick.

EVERY DAY Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) steps up to work with coaches, parents, sports leaders, and young athletes to help make sports a place where they not only become better athletes, but where they also become better people. Done right, sports are a place to learn, grow, compete, and find joy. PCA helps do sports right so that young athletes develop the kind of character—grit, resilience, leadership, teamwork, and so much more--they need to succeed in sports, and in life. PCA shares the best practices of top coaches and psychologists so that everyone involved in sports for young athletes has a growth mindset and a positive approach to get and keep kids in the game. That is PCA’s mission.

On Thursday, July 11th more than 250 athletes from age 6 to 60+ stepped up for PCA and conquered Harvard Stadium in support of PCA’s mission. The occasion was PCA’s third annual Harvard STADIUM STAMPEDE. 27 teams took on the challenge of some or all 37 sections and 1,000+ steps at iconic Harvard Stadium. Inspired by the huge “character” banners ringing the top of the stadium, every participant experienced the power of sports done right.

Every participant and 23 sponsors, including Harvard University, New Balance, Deloitte, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Kirkland & Ellis, New England Revolution, and TB12, contributed to raising almost $20,000 in support of PCA’s mission. Those funds will help PCA deliver programming to young athletes in underserved communities.

Every participant and all 23 sponsors helped accomplish PCA’s mission by raising awareness of what we do at PCA. With teams from law, finance, accounting, colleges, gyms, athletic teams, and more, we gathered together to work out, to eat, drink and experience the joy of sports so that young athletes could too.

It is a challenge to do sports right.
There are pressures to perform, to make the top travel team, to win a scholarship, and there are challenges of time, money, and parents who shout at officials, kids, and each other. PCA is up for that challenge, the same way that 250+ of you are up for the challenge of Harvard Stadium. Together, we can ensure that sports are a place where young athletes thrive, and learn what it takes to be successful on and off the field, court, or pitch.

On Thursday, July 11th, we took on a challenge and accomplished our mission. We brought people together to learn more about PCA, to raise funds for PCA, and, most importantly, to appreciate the power of sports done right.

We enjoyed thirst-quenching drinks from Boston Beer Works, Hint, and Drink Simple, and ate insanely good sandwiches and salads from Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and incredibly delicious ice cream sandwiches from the Cookie Monstah to celebrate.

We raised $19,920, just $5,080 short of our $25,000 goal—if you want to help us close that gap and reach our goal, you can! Just click on our CrowdRise site here, or contact Beth at With your continued support and involvement, we can continue to further PCA’s mission of developing better athletes, better people through sports done right.

PCA will deliver 200 workshops reaching more than 50,000 young athletes directly or through their coaches this year, and will reach countless more through its free online resources featuring some of New England’s most beloved sports figures including Tommy Amaker, Alex Cora, Kristine Lilly, Devin & Jason McCourty, and Brad Stevens. Jump in, stay involved, and help PCA accomplish its mission to reach even more young athletes in the coming year.


Use of the athletic facilities – the stadium, facilities, sound system, and video board
Sponsoring the CHARACTER banner, supplying event t-shirts, footwear and gift cards
Sponsoring the RESPECT banner
Sponsoring the RESILIENCE banner
Sponsoring the TEAMWORK banner
Sponsoring the COMPASSION banner
Sponsoring the JOY banner and donating a VIP Game Day Experience
Sponsoring the GRIT banner, donating a signed TB12 Method book and more, and providing on-site massages and treatments
Boston Media Sponsor providing pre and post-event coverage

THANK YOU for providing in-kind donations and discounts

AMI Graphics
Boston Beer Works – Angry Orchard, Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea
Drink Simple – Maple Water
Hint Water
Lifetime Fitness
Landry’s Bicycles
Marathon Sports
Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

THANK YOU for organizing the event, PCA’s Associate Board, some of whom are pictured here

THANK YOU to every participant and to every one of our 27 teams

See you again in 2020!

Basin Buddies
Boston Triathlon Team
Bryant University
Caroline’s Stadium Stampede Team
Concussion Legacy Foundation
Foley Athletic Advising
Friends of PCA
Goldman Sachs
Gold’s Gets It Done
Kirkland & Ellis
New Balance
Northeastern University Triathlon
Riddle & Bloom
St. Lawrence University
Team Fendy
Team Fieldhouse
Team Natick
Team Nuge
Team Red Zone
Team Salesforce
The Player’s Impact
Wayland Masters Swimming

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