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Michael Sam Jr.: What It Means To Be A Triple-Impact Competitor


Michael Sam Jr., a current football player at Rice University, talks about the impact that PCA has had on his career.

Michael Sam, Jr. -- past winner of a PCA Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship, currently at Rice University -- addresses the crowd at the 5th Annual PCA-Houston Scholarship & Awards Banquet (as seen in video above).  

This excerpt is from his powerful speech:

Positive Coaching Alliance has played a vital part in my becoming the person I am today...playing the game for me was not just about becoming a better player, but also a better person who could use his platform to create change. PCA played a crucial role in establishing this perspective.

Through the Triple-Impact Competitor workshops, being coached by Double-Goal Coaches at Strake Jesuit to having my parents being offered an opportunity to be trained to become Second-Goal Parents, all of these were part of my becoming the person I am today. PCA is not just another non-profit trying to create change. They have created change. They are creating change. They made change in me.

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