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Meet Amy Sinclair, PCA-Minnesota's New Executive Director


PCA-Minnesota is excited (and lucky!) to introduce Amy Sinclair as its new Executive Director. Effective September 22, Sinclair will take over Deborah Edwards’ position.

She and her husband Steve live in Eden Prairie. Both played college sports and were active coaches and volunteers for their children’s sports teams. The family (son Gannon and daughter Callie, now 23 and 21) still enjoy being active in sports together, especially swimming, waterskiing, and downhill skiing. Let’s welcome them to our PCA community!

What was your first experience with PCA?

I was invited to attend this year’s Breakfast with the Champions event and was immediately impressed by the program, caliber of supporters, testimonies, mission statement, and values. Wow! It was an eye-opening experience, and the whole mission felt reflective of who I am as a person, wife, parent, life-long athlete, fan, former coach, and umpire/referee. I felt connected, welcomed, and comfortable with everyone in the room.

Since then, I’ve completed an online workshop, attended a live workshop, and researched the PCA organization in depth. I continue to be impressed by the staff (both local and national) as well as the quality of programs and workshops.

How does PCA resonate with you?

As a child, I was not gifted creatively, musically or academically, but I sure could catch and hit a ball. My primary sports were tennis, basketball, and softball. I’m a natural athlete; I never really had to try hard to succeed in sports. I set records, won awards, earned the Athena Award in high school, and received collegiate athletic scholarships.

My children have different stories. They were cut from their high school teams. Yet, through hard work, perseverance and their desire for the sport, they are both still playing. My son plays in the NFL after not starting a single high school football game, and my daughter earned a volleyball scholarship after being cut her senior year of high school. She is now finishing her volleyball career at a Division III school as a nationally ranked college athlete.

I believe there is a place and level for every athlete to compete at. As a parent, coach, and fan, I recognize that people develop skills at different stages. If they are nurtured and encouraged, they will succeed in ways beyond the court or fields.

I don’t know who I would be without my life-long involvement in sports. Being a part of a team was fulfilling! All of my leadership skills and life lessons came from belonging to a team.

What are you looking forward to at PCA?

As executive director, I believe I’m called to do many things. First, I want to applaud and champion our board of directors, staff, and donors; I want to build loyalty, excitement, and relationships.

I also look forward to spreading awareness throughout our great state of Minnesota through media relations, key partnerships, and special events that reflect our mission of Better Athletes, Better People!

The corporate culture at PCA jazzes me. I look forward to working the “PCA way” – what a delight! I can’t wait to meet my team and have the support of a national organization to back us up.

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