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Matthew Slater Is Invaluable


Bill Belichick and the NE Patriots know that success comes from valuing every player, and Special Team Captain Matthew Slater is proof positive of the power every player has to make a positive impact on the team.  Here are a few facts about Matthew Slater, our 2020 POSITIVE IMPACT HERO, who will participate in our signature fundraiser JEANS + JERSEYS: Positive Impact Celebration on April 9—featuring a conversation with our 2019 Heroes Devin & Jason McCourty.

  1. Slater is an exceptional special team player, 8x Pro Bowler and 3X Super Bowl Champion in 11 years in the NFL, all with the Patriots
  2. Slater scored his first NFL TD in year 11, on September 29, 2019
  3. Slater is the heart of the NE Patriots, famous for his post-game call-and-response routine, he leads the Patriots’ Bible study, and plans to become a minister after the NFL
  4. Slater has served as a Patriots co-captain since 2011, this year Slater’s co-captains were David Andrews, Tom Brady, Dont’a Hightower, Devin McCourty, and James White
  5. Slater is the Patriots United Way rep, and he quietly performs community service in NE and in CA
  6. Slater hosted Matthew v. Matthew to help victims of Hurricane Matthew in 2016
  7. Slater “has convinced a squad of hopeful New England no-names that they can achieve glory by committing themselves to the most inglorious tasks” according to this article in The Ringer.
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