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Masco Youth Hockey Makes Use of PCA Grant for Parents and Coaches


After their first of two workshops, both PCA Trainer Randy Nathan and Masco Youth Hockey coaches reported that that they are looking forward to getting Masco coaches and parents on the same page. Specifically, Nathan recognized the passion and commitment of Mark Melito, PCA-New England Board Chair and Coaching Coordinator for Masco Youth Hockey, for making the workshops happen. Both Nathan and Melito made it clear that these workshops are only the beginning as parents and coaches at Masco start working together to strengthen Masco’s positive sports culture and improve performance. 

Mark Melito also shared the role that positive coaches played in his own career and noted the difference PCA is beginning to make for Masco coaches and parents. Mark explained:

  • "I was very fortunate to have great coaches while playing youth sports and I learned many life lessons, including leadership, humility, and respect for others, which have helped me in my business career."
  • PCA is helping me pay it forward by ensuring the kids in our hockey program have the same development opportunities I was fortunate to experience. The PCA coaching session was a wonderful opportunity for our program coaches to learn how to provide a true development zone for the kids. 
  • "In addition to basic hockey skills, our coaches will be focused on positive reinforcement, effort, learning from mistakes, respecting teammates and opponents, honoring the game, and most importantly having fun."

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