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Marshall Fundamental High School Partners With PCA For The First Time


Marshall Fundamental High School is a first year partner with PCA! They have been committed to training their coaches and student-athletes this year and have been working hard within their school to address racism through PCA's Sports Can Battle Racism workshops!

The mission of the Marshall Athletic Boosters is to support and promote all sports teams, to encourage and recognize outstanding scholastic achievement, sportsmanship, and character, both on and off the field, and to contribute to the spirit and enthusiasm of our student-athletes

"As we are in LA County, and they just moved the Rose Bowl game and COVID is really high in our community, re-started sports is not looking good for us on those terms... That being said, the work still needs to get done with our Coaches & student-athletes." - Mark Andersen, Principal

"The coaches who participated in the Sports Can Battle Racism workshop said the workshop was very informative and helpful." - Audrey Green, Assistant Principal

"Marshall Fundamental High School has stepped up and taken on the tough conversations & discussions surrounding racism this year. They are committed to acknowledging the issues that exist in our culture and taking the time to educate their community. Throughout the pandemic, even when sports weren't being played, they made it a priority to continue their trainings and create a positive culture within their school!" - Kayla Landes Brenman, PCA's Program Manager

For more information on PCA's Sports Can Battle Racism workshops click here.

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