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Mandating Parent Workshops At California Magic Soccer Club


While getting parents to attend informative workshops may seem difficult, following these "mandating" guidelines from California Magic Soccer Club can help improve attendance.

1) Establish that your commitment to partnering with PCA is adding value to your program
2) Acknowledge the important role parents play in your program's positive culture
3) Offer incentives
4) Provide a "sneak peak" into PCA's great content.
5) BOTTOM LINE = We are all here to support the kids

California Magic Soccer Club has a strong association with PCA that helps support and strengthen the culture of their Club.

As they begin the season, they want to reinforce this culture by asking that at least one Magic parent for each player join them for their annual Positive Coaching Alliance Parent Workshop.

They consider attendance mandatory and any families that are unable to attend are asked to fulfill alternative training & certification so that they can be certain that parents have the right approach to youth sports.

Thank you, California Magic SC, for your commitment to training parents every year!

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