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Madison McGonnigal


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

H.B. Plant High School
Tampa, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Madison McGonnigal is a lacrosse player from H.B. Plant High School. She pushes herself and her teammates in order to build team chemistry. “I’ve helped my teammates improve in lots of ways. When our coach went out of town during pre-season, I rallied a bunch of players to gather at a local field for ladder drills. A few players had expressed to me they’d like to improve their footwork, which is so important on the lacrosse field. I invited players out, brought my own ladder, and we worked on our footwork, speed, and agility with drills that I had learned during the summer playing with my team in MD. We had fun and bonded more. I know some of my teammates took my drills and got their own ladders. I also make sure that when a player makes a mistake on the field, misses a wide open net, or just gets really frustrated as a younger teammate did this season, that I really go above and beyond to give them positive feedback.” 

Madison’s coach credits her dedication to sportsmanship as the reason lacrosse is growing in Tampa. “Madison has always helped grow the game of lacrosse. Madi consistently steps up when youth coaches ask for help at clinics. We play most of our games against mismatched opponents, but Madi builds up less-experienced players. Madi slows our play without “dumbing-down” the game. I stress that our opponents have to find joy in the sport, and Madi works that into her game; Madi is committed to making her opponents want to play. She is kind and generous with her teammates and opponents. When players and coaches say that my girls are “so good, and so nice,” I know that Madi is in that description. The game of lacrosse in Tampa is better for Madi’s participation in the sport.”

High School: H.B. Plant High School, Tampa, FL

Twitter Handle: @madi_mcg

Instagram Name: @madigm

Favorite Team: Baltimore Ravens

Coach You Admire: Coach Mick Ferucci

Favorite Athlete:  Olivia Ferucci

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Soul Surfer

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: “Visualize yourself in the zone – making the big plays, making your teammates better, handling whatever happens with calmness and class.”

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