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Looking Back: 2020 Virtual Scholarship Winner Celebration


On Tuesday, November 19, PCA hosted a Virtual Celebration for the 123 winners of the 2020 Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship. This year alone, thanks to the generosity of Sagicor Life Insurance Company, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, and many other sponsors, PCA has been able to award over $125,000 in scholarships to high school athletes.

PCA CEO, Chris Moore told the students on the virtual celebration that, “PCA created this scholarship program to lift up athletes like each one of you who in your own unique way is heralded as a role model both in your school, and in your community. Each of you has successfully demonstrated responsibility, in your own right, by striving to not only make yourself better, but your teammates, and most importantly the game better.” 

To honor this year's scholarship recipients, Kelly Kratz Lead Trainer for PCA, had the privilege of introducing some of the winners’ favorite Olympic and Professional Athletes who shared video messages for our winners.  Katie Ledecky, Kathryn Plummer, Amanda Sobhy, Colleen Quigley, Meghan Duggan, Erik Shoji, and Paul Rabil gave shoutouts to individual athletes in their sport, shared words of advice, and congratulated everyone on their achievements.

"You have a really great future ahead of you, some really great opportunities, and I want to encourage you to use your support system. Continue to rely on your family, friends, teammates, coaches, and as you move into this next phase of your academic and athletic journeys, don’t forget to thank them."

Katie Ledecky
5x Olympic gold-medalist, 15x world champion (the most in history for a female swimmer)

This year, Triple-Impact Competitor Winners Justin Klausner, Shoshana Stukas, Ghay Soe, and Jazmine Jackson had the opportunity to share their unique stories on how they’ve used sports to impact their communities and teams in a positive way.

Justin Klausner from Agoura Hills High School in California highlighted the importance of having a positive mindset when his team faces setbacks because, in sport and life, you can overcome much more when you feel supported.

Shoshana Stukas from Horizon High School in Colorado outlined how “the thought of discovery” has pushed her to work hard to ensure that she can use sports to make a memorable difference in the world. 

Ghay Soe, who came to the US as an immigrant from Thailand at the age of 10, attends Lynn English High School in Massachusetts and shared how sports, and specifically running, helped him with the language, meeting friends and feeling a part of a team. Running also helped him realize that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Jazmine Jackson from Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School in Florida shared a personal story about how she honors the game by caring about not only her teammates but also the opposing team’s players.

"I get asked by a lot of players out there ‘how do I deal with the lack or potentially complete elimination of the sport that I play due to COVID.’ I say, remember that mostly all players your age across the country are dealing with the same thing, so it can actually be viewed as the ultimate neutralizer."

Paul Rabil
American Professional Lacrosse Player at Atlas Lacrosse Club and Co-Founder of the Premier Lacrosse League

We have no doubt these winners will go on to do amazing things in the next step of their journey. Sports has laid a foundation for success by teaching them to work together as a team, to use resilience and grit to get through challenging times and to become leaders in their sport and school by always bringing their best. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Thank you to all the student-athletes, their friends and families, and PCA Board Members for joining us to celebrate the positive impact this year's TIC winners have made on their teams and community! We are very grateful for the support of our sponsors and donors and want to thank every one of them, for making this award program possible!

"My favorite teammates are the ones that have a great balance between pushing me and also being there in times when I really really need it, so I know you guys are this sort of teammate and I’m so happy and proud of you guys."

Erik Shoji
Member of the US Men's National Volleyball team, Former member of the Russian club Fakel Novy Urengoy, NORCECA Champion 2013, and gold medalist at the 2014 World League and 2015 World Cup