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Following is feedback from participants in Double-Goal Coach® workshops delivered in May 2016 by PCA Founder Jim Thompson and National Lead Trainer Eric Eisendrath. Consider the comments as fuel to bring PCA to your school or league!

Coaches were impressed by PCA presenters Founder Jim Thompson and National Lead Trainer Eric Eisendrath:

“We are lucky enough to have the founder of PCA in town this week to deliver these sessions. He is brilliant. . . . this is an absolutely unique opportunity to take part in an intimate session with a luminary in youth development. This is Nobel Prize caliber stuff here folks, no joke.”

“Dynamic Instructor”

“Terrific presentation”

"A very positive experience.  You could have counted me as one of the skeptics beforehand, wondering what kind of liberal gobbledygook was going to [be] preached at us.  To start the session, the book The Power of Double-Goal Coaching was distributed to everyone on hand, and the discussion leader was literally the man who wrote the book, Jim Thompson.  Thompson founded the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) in 1998. To my pleasant surprise, Jim was not preachy at all . . . . The topic and philosophy espoused is worthwhile: Keep it positive. . . .

I would recommend that all of those participating in some form or another of coaching in our program find two hours of their time to come to listen and participate.

PCA’S message resonated with the coaches:

“Realizing my experiences are not unique”

“Thinking about new techniques and strategies”

“Techniques and specific strategies to improve”

Coaches were impressed with the tools:

“Learned tools and self-awareness as a coach”

Practical tools that can be applied tomorrow (e.g. Mistake Ritual)

“Learning the different methods to teach kids by example”

“Could really feel presenter believes in these tools and that they work!”

“Learned different ways to teach positivity to the players”

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