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Jr. NBA Parent Initiative Tips Off With The Currys And PCA


The new Jr. NBA Parent Initiative, developed in conjunction with the Positive Coaching Alliance, is designed to educate parents and guardians by providing resources to help them better understand the youth basketball ecosystem while helping to create a positive, healthy experience for their young players.

At the outset, the program will feature a series of parent forums held in cities across the country, parent newsletters and educational resources and other helpful recommendations and tips. Ultimately, the parent program will include extensive age-appropriate curriculum designed to help parents and their children navigate the youth basketball landscape.

To launch the new parent program, the Jr. NBA and PCA joined up for a panel with Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, his mother Sonya Curry, center Zaza Pachulia, and Assistant Head Coach Mike Brown, to discuss their sports parenting experiences and how to positively impact their child's journey. The initiative tipped off on Oct. 11 at John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse in Walnut Creek, California and included a youth clinic, parent workshop and panel discussion for local kids and their families. John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse is an inaugural member of the Jr. NBA Flagship Network.

Watch the full panel below:

Throughout the panel, Steph Curry discussed how playing multiple sports positively shaped his basketball career. He also shared insights about his rivalry with his brother Seth (Steph yelled "big brother always wins!" as he left the panel) while they grew up together. To Steph, the support he received from parents throughout his career both on and off the court has been instrumental in who he is today.

Sonya Curry
 added that "It's tough to let your child be disciplined" while telling a story about watching Seth be benched for not working hard in practice in middle school. While sometimes taking a step back and letting your child be disciplined by the coach can be hard, Sonya Curry also said, "We don't want to solve all of the problems for our children. They will figure it out."

Warriors Assistant Coach Mike Brown and Warriors Center Zaza Pachulia also had a lot to share about their own coaching, playing, and parenting experiences in sports. Mike Brown, once a former head coach in the NBA, shared that even with all his experience, his kids would rather not get his advice or opinions on their play after a game. "After a game, give your kid some space," shared Brown. Mike Brown was also particularly influenced by the PCA Parent talk before the panel, as he told a PCA audience afterward. 

Zaza Pachulia, having seen first hand how "crazy" parents can be in his hometown of Georgia, was quick to recognize that PCA is needed to positively impact youth sports experiences for kids all over the world. An excited Zaza Pachulia remarked afterward on twitter..."Had a great talk with parents about how we can positively affect our child’s basketball journey."

Through the collective reach of the 15 organizations that make up the Jr. NBA Flagship Network, the NBA will help ensure that one million additional youth are playing basketball in an environment that promotes health and wellness, skill development and character education.

Jr. NBA Flagship Network:

  • ALL IN Athletics
  • Pro Skills Basketball
  • Sports Academy
  • DME Sports Academy
  • Lightning Basketball – Island Garden
  • The Skill Factory
  • Gold Crown Foundation
  • Open Gym Premier
  • John Muir Health Ultimate Fieldhouse
  • Grand Park Fieldhouse
  • Point Guard College
  • West Coast Elite
  • Hoop Heaven
  • Slam City Management
  • Zero Gravity Basketball
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