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Joseph Jimpie


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2016

Northeast High School
St. Petersburg, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Joseph Jimpie is a baseball player from Northeast High School. He sets out to honor the game in every aspect of play. “In every single sport, sportsmanship is key. Whether it’s respecting the officials, opponents, or equipment, sportsmanship has its place. In order for a sports event to remain a joyous occasion, the game must be honored at all times. In every baseball game I participate in, I always try to honor the game. From playing between the lines to exiting the field, I always try to hold a positive attitude and respect the game.”

Joseph’s teammate recalls how his encouragement helped improve performance on the field. “Joseph Jimpie is most definitely a Triple-Impact Competitor on and off the field. Joey goes out every other day with myself to throw and long toss to improve his arm strength and durability. Joey picks up on others mistakes and helps them by correcting them, or just simple support for a player when they are down. During the District Semi-Final I had struck out my last at bat, and came in the dugout upset. Joey talked to me and calm me down, my next at bat I hit my first High School Homerun to take a three run lead. Joey is a true honor to the sport of Baseball. He is a hard working, humble player, who is the first help another player.” 

High School: Northeast High School, St. Petersburg, FL

Twitter Handle: @Jimpie24 

Favorite Team: New York Yankees

Coach You Admire: Joe Girardi 

Favorite Athlete: Bryce Harper

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Cinderella Man 

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: “Those who achieve great things usually have the ability to pan back to see the bigger picture to become detached from the need to win, which helps rise them above momentary setbacks.”

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