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Jennifer Lima


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2017

East Lake High School
Tarpon Springs, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Jennifer Lima is a cross country and track & field runner and soccer player from East Lake High School. She applies her work ethic to everything, both on and off the field. “I make myself better by working hard in everything that I do, whether it’s a big or small meet or just at practice. I am extremely blessed to have the talent and ability that I do and I remind myself every day that I have to develop it as far as I can. As well as to never take the skills I have for granted. I know that if I don’t continue to work as hard as I can, my success as an athlete can easily disappear. Being a student-athlete is difficult, but it comes down to how much one is committed to doing well in what is important to them. I have made running one of my priorities behind my education and give it any necessary time, no matter how much busier it may make me.”

Jennifer’s coaches and teachers say she embodies the principles of a Triple-Impact Competitor®. “Jennifer is a role model for others on her team. She is the fastest runner, but often circles back to help others on the team complete their best practice. She also is an excellent student; she not only provides inspiration to her teammates, she is available to tutor them and set the bar for what can be accomplished. She is a leader by showing how to overcome adversity. She demonstrates how a true leader handles challenges. Some athletes play a sport, Jennifer personifies the sport. Running is a difficult sport. So much of the training takes place while the athlete is alone and rarely do these athletes receive the attention that other sports, such as football, do. Jennifer runs because she truly loves to run. The feeling of pushing herself, testing her limits and then breaking through them is what keeps her going. She honors the sport by loving it and being an awesome example to all who see her.”

High School: East Lake High School, Tarpon Springs, FL

Twitter Handle: @jenniferlima004

Coach You Admire: Laura Lewis

Favorite Team: Indianapolis Colts

Favorite Athlete: Jim Ryun

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: McFarland, USA

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: "... you absolutely can control whether or not you keep your head up and follow through."

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