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Jenna Horan



Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarship Qualifier, Class of 2019

Blake High School

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Student-Athlete Profile

Jenna talks about her team’s perseverance: “My high school’s sports’ teams have always had a reputation for losing. We are a performing arts magnet school, so nobody ever expected us to win any games. My freshman year, I was on the girls’ varsity soccer team and we had been training for weeks before our first game of the season. We knew that nobody had high hopes for us, so we pushed ourselves as hard as we could because we wanted to represent our school by proving our detractors wrong. During the season, my teammates and I worked together exceptionally well. We built each other up, motivated each other, and never quit; becoming the first Blake girls’ soccer team to ever make it to the regional playoffs! Such a milestone probably would have been enough to make us feel great, but we didn’t just want to get to the playoffs. We wanted to prove that we belonged there, so we worked hard as a team to prepare for the first round. We charged into the game hungry for a win, and we got it! We were moving on to the regional semifinals, and our performing- arts school soccer team suddenly became legends, as there are not many playoff wins for any of the sports teams in our arts-school history.”

Coach You Admire: Corey Perich

Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Favorite Athlete: Megan Campbell

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Cool Runnings

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”
-Mark Spitz

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