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Jake Dawson


Triple-Impact Competitor® Finalist, Class of 2017

Seminole High School
Seminole, FL

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Student Athlete Profile

Jake Dawson is a baseball player from Seminole High School. He knows that leadership requires hard work and selflessness. “I consider myself to be a leader. I am extremely selfless both on and off the baseball field. While rigorously training myself in order to be an extraordinary competitor, my goal is to also make my teammates better in any way possible. I believe that if I work hard but exclude myself from my teammates while doing so, there will be no chemistry when we compete. A lack of chemistry in return diminishes the game we have grown to love and respect. To keep team chemistry and selflessness intact, I encourage my teammates to join me in the weight room, in the batting cage and wherever I train. I also try to lead by example, and follow no ones actions but my own. When I feel any of my fellow teammates are traveling down the wrong path, I do my best to intervene and help them through the problem. I also do whatever it takes to win as a team. I am extremely selfless on the baseball field. I have no problem sacrificing myself at any moment if I know it’s best for my team as a whole.”

Jakes’s coach uses the phrase ‘outstanding’ when describing him. “Jake Dawson is one of the hardest working and most 'coachable' individuals I have ever coached. To see the progress he has made from freshman year to today is astonishing. He has the insight to understand the game as well as his strengths and weaknesses. He takes nothing for granted and comes to work each and every day. His work ethic inspires his teammates to work harder as he is a leader on and off the field. Jake leads by example, but also knows how to light the fire under his teammates when needed. He respects the game and plays it the right way, respectful of his coaches, game officials, and opponents. Jake is an outstanding HS ballplayer, winning the teams 'Mr. Clutch' award this season, but more importantly, he is an outstanding young man. He is the type of young man that I would be proud to have represent me and my program.”

High School: Seminole High School, Seminole, FL

Twitter Handle: @jakedaws24

Coach You Admire: Joe Madden

Favorite Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Favorite Athlete: Dustin Pedroia

Favorite Inspirational Sports Movie: Field of Dreams & The Blind Side

Favorite Quote From “Elevating Your Game” by Jim Thompson: "But if you have to choose between them, effort is more important than talent because effort over time leads to skill and ability."

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