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Irvine Ice Foundation Begins First Time Partnership with PCA


Irvine Ice Foundation, also known as the Anaheim Jr. Ducks, recently partnered with PCA to bring character-building programming to their organization. The ice hockey season was scheduled to begin in the Fall, however, with the many restrictions in place due to COVID lockdown orders, the season kept getting pushed back.

The original plan was to have their entire coaching staff participate in PCA's Double-Goal Coach workshop but restrictions required them to postpone. Despite the season continuing to be pushed back, the club president made it a priority to move forward with the workshop and felt it was even more important to keep coaches engaged during these challenging times. He moved forward with the programming and over 125 coaches participated virtually in their first workshop in January.

"Turnout was great, coaches were engaged and trainers were excellent. I have heard VERY positive feedback from my coaches." -Partner

"One of the goals of this organization is to grow the sport of ice hockey in Southern California. They are taking a huge step in partnering with PCA to create a positive and welcoming culture for their athletes and leading the way for other clubs in the area by their example of best practices in the sport." -PCA's Kayla Landes Brenman

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