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Introducing Cat Fry of PCA-Sacramento


Cat Fry has spent most of her life in and around construction. She started in residential remodeling and eventually moved into the work of healthcare construction. Her early love of Legos led to a lengthy career as a carpenter. Eventually, she took off the tool belt and moved into project management, where she now spends her time managing processes and controls as a part of Sutter Health’s Facility & Property Services department.

She grew up as the only daughter in a family of six kids and spent much of her time playing sports with her five brothers. Whether it was stickball, boot hockey, basketball, street football, or any other pickup game, she was always in the mix and always loved sports. In grade school she played softball, volleyball, and basketball, then switched to tennis and golf in high school. Cat is adamant that nothing has prepared her for work, marriage, parenting and all that life throws her way, like her experiences on team sports. Commitment, resiliency, bouncing back from failure, and knowing you are not in it alone are among some of her favorite team sport lessons.

While Cat now resides in Roseville, CA, she is a born and raised Minnesota girl, and therefore is a die-hard Vikings and Twins fan. She will contest that no one understands consistent sports heartbreak like a Minnesota sports fan. Her love of both teams has trickled down to her 3 children, although they do split their time as Giants and Niners fans as well.

Cat and her husband are deeply involved in youth sports, as all three of their children each play multiple sports. She spends a lot of her time volunteering for not only PCA, but also for her kids’ school, and many of the sports organizations they participate in. This past year she put her PCA learnings to the test in her first stint as a coach of her daughter’s basketball team. She is already looking forward to coaching again next season!

What sports did you play growing up?

Softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, basketball.

What is your favorite youth sports memory from your youth playing days?

I was a high school tennis player, and my favorite memory was the day that my tennis doubles partner and I won our regional match and made it to the state tournament! We were the first girls ever from our high school to make it to state in tennis. We got absolutely shellacked in the first round by the team that ended up winning it all, but we were there, and it was amazing!

How has playing sports as a kid helped you as an adult?

To this day, I am a member of many teams. Whether it is work, my family, my neighborhood, the PCA board, they are all teams. And no team can thrive without the many parts becoming a whole. I learned this as a young athlete, and it has always stuck with me. I am nothing without a good team around me, and when I put my best effort in, we are better as a team.

What is your favorite sports movie and why?

The Sandlot! No question. It is so funny and heartwarming, and a reminder of that sheer joy of being a kid. It has given me quotable material for more than half my life. “You’re killing me smalls!”

What hobbies do you enjoy now as an adult?

I spent 11 years of my career as a carpenter, and now that I no longer do it for a living, I LOVE when I get time to do projects around the house. I also LOVE working out. Staying healthy is important to me, and I like being able to eat a few extra pieces of chocolate.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Being in more than one place at once! As my three kids get older and play three sports each at three different age levels, I miss a lot of their games! We regularly have to divide and conquer. It would be awesome to see them all play, even if they are at the same time at three different places!

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