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How Trainers' Institute Helped Tex Ostvig Elevate His Game


Every other year Positive Coaching Alliance hosts Trainers' Institute for PCA Trainers all over the country in order to bring together top trainers to collaborate and inspire one another. PCA-Minnesota had three trainers represented this year, from June 22-24 in San Francisco, CA. Here are some take-aways from trainer Tex Ostvig.

Q:What were the most valuable sessions you attended and why?

A: The sessions that were the most valuable to me were the "small group" presenting sessions. This is where I was able to share my presentation style as well as to meet other trainers from around the United States doing the same. It was also great because many of them had various years with PCA and that gave me my insights to the type of facilitator I would like to be.

Q: What did you learn from other trainers across the country?

A: What I learned from the other trainers was that I need to be me. I do not need to convert to another's style but I can incorporate or adapt as needed. I also learned that what really adds to each principle is that of personal story or testimony of how this has worked. Finally, I gained some great tips on how to better engage my audience as well as to add some energy in the beginning and in the end.

Q: What was the biggest inspirational thing that happened?

A: The biggest inspirational thing that happened was having Joe Terrasi​ present on Peak Performance and the principle and aspect of a caring coach.  His words, stories and experiences, really inspired me to be the best I can in PCA, as a current coach and father.

Q: Will you approach your workshops differently as a result of what you learned or heard at Trainer Institute?

A: I will whole heartedly approach my workshops differently.  I have more of a clearer vision of what is expected of me, the impact I can have and most importantly the incredible work that is still yet to be done.  I have always felt the responsibility as a spokesperson for PCA but now because of TI, I feel more like a PCA Ambassador.​

Q: After attending what are your perceptions of PCA and the mission?

A: Now that I have returned from TI 2017, I have a stronger understanding of PCA and its mission, but more importantly I feel that I am now a "Better Trainer, Better Person."  I feel that I can truly make more of a difference in helping coaches and parents see the character building that take place in sports and help the athletes understand how a positive culture truly creates "Better Athletes Better People."

Q: Any funny moments?

A: There were many funny moments, however, playing yard games and having 10 people all trying to "Fill My E-Tank" at the same time so I could get the best score possible, was awesome!

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