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How PCA Works For Dassel-Cokato Schools


I first started working with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) in August of 2016. As an Athletic Director for 14 years, I have become increasingly dismayed with the emphasis placed on results, specifically winning at all costs.

I also knew that I wanted to bring something to our coaches that would help them with the very important job that they do. I wanted to put some tools in their hands to assist them in making a difference in the lives of the young people they work with. At the same time, I also wanted to give our participants and parents tools that would help them understand the bigger picture for what activities can do for people, while not de-emphasizing the value and importance of competing.

PCA does a tremendous job of tying together the value of competition, along with character development. I am excited to continue the process of integrating the concepts PCA shares through its workshops and programs, into our everyday coaching life here at Dassel-Cokato Schools. I believe in the long run it will help us to develop better, more well-rounded, coaches, kids and parents!

Perry A. Thinesen
Activities & Community Education Director
Dassel-Cokato Schools

Leaders like Perry see the value that Positive Coaching Alliance workshops can bring to organizations on every level: Leaders, Coaches, Parents and Athletes.  Unfortunately, there are youth organizations, high schools, and colleges in Minnesota that have little to no funding and miss out on the benefits of Positive Coaching Alliance materials and resources. 

Consider making a contribution to fund a workshop and provide books and resources for an underfunded program and keep our kids tanks filled and keep them in the game and learning life lessons! You’ll never regret investing in the youth of our great state!  A small contribution can have a BIG impact in creating leaders of the future!  Thank you in advance for your consideration & donation!


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